27 02 2009


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I will be inactive on this site from now on because I bought a real domain and have a real website. It’s http://nadnerb.net It looks pretty has has the same exact stuff I have posted here, and then some more. So thanks to the people that have read and make sure to change any bookmarks or RSS feeds to the new site.


Why you shouldn’t care about the Facebook TOS change.

17 02 2009

Recently, Facebook has gotten into some hot water over changing their terms of service (TOS) and removing the clause that said when you removed your page all licenses we be reverted to you. But why should you care?
“You may remove your User Content from the Site at any time. If you choose to remove your User Content, the license granted above will automatically expire, however you acknowledge that the Company may retain archived copies of your User Content. ”
This is not a big deal, because you never really planned on deleting your account anytime soon did you? Almost every social networking site has a similar clause. This is really nothing new that they have done. It’s logical to say that they won’t do anything, but why was it necessary to change? If you have an argument with these changes the only thing that you can really question is why they changed the TOS.
While this may be uncool, it’s perfectly legal. There is also a part in the terms of service that says they have the right to change the terms without any notice.
“We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change or delete portions of these Terms at any time without further notice. Your continued use of the Facebook Service after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms.”
Ok, lets get this straight. Facebook changed their terms of service on February fourth. THE FOURTH, not the 14th or 15th. It’s been almost two weeks since this happened. I find it appalling that mainstream media haven’t noticed it since today. Aaron Hockley blogged about this February 9th and nobody seemed to pay attention. He mustn’t have been the only people looking at it then. Why did it take people so long to catch on to it? This proves the fact that a fervor can be created just by a few words (or withdrawal of words). There are now at least 3 different anti-changes groups within facebook and Mark Zuckerberg has published a statement pretty much saying that they did this to make it more secure and clarify why they have these terms of service².
If you ever uploading something on Facebook that you actually thought could make you some money, I have no sympathy for you. Why would anybody willingly give away rights to something that they think could make money? I have many pictures uploaded to facebook. I don’t think any of them are particularly newsworthy or interesting enough to make money from. Facebook will not use your pictures to defame you, that’s common logic. It is never in a companies best interest to make their customers look bad. If that’s why you are complaining then forget it. They won’t release pictures you delete to the public and they have never been shown to sell deleted pictures to tabloids. Ok, maybe they have, but I couldn’t find a source. They make millions of dollars.  In 2008 Facebook was projected to make 300-350 million dollars¹. They don’t need tabloid money. It’s too bad that  they legally own the pictures you have already uploaded, but if you didn’t read the TOS before you signed up, that’s your problem, not theirs.
Facebook is a social media site that thrives on user created content. If you didn’t want to share it with the rest of the world, you never had to post it. It’s each users responsibility to post responsibly. (oohh, I get to be redundant).
People need to pay attention to the sites that they use and make sure that they are comfortable letting a corporation like facebook have the ability to publish, produce, perform and do other crap with what you have created. I have no problem with what Facebook has of mine and I have never posted anything that I really felt was special, except for maybe some concert pictures. If you have a problem with what they have done, tell me, I want to hear a good argument against what has changed. Or back me up if you don’t really have a problem with it.

Please note that I am not an expert on this and I may be missing some key facts. I would really like to know more and if you can give me any more information I would gladly appreciate it.  If I made a mistake, please correct me.

Thoughts on Windows 7

22 01 2009

I’ve been using windows 7 beta (build 7000) for about the past week and have had no major issues with it. There are tiny things that stand out to me like when you have a program open in the task bar, the background color with match the most heavily used color of the icon. The programs that I need work fine and it has run faster and easier than when I last used Vista. This is what vista should have been. I really hope they don’t price this for hundreds of dollars since they haven’t really done that much. Surprisingly I noticed that I gained maybe 10 to 15 more minutes of battery life. When you have a battery that used to hold around 45 minutes of power, this is a big deal. If there are bugs in this, I haven’t found them yet.There are small changes to basic programs like word pad. Calculator has a neat programmer mode that shows the work in binary. Kind of nerdy, but steal neat to throw in. Instead of having a sidebar, the widgets are placed just on the desktop and can be snapped to the side. Still no widget layer like OS X though, That’s one thing I really like about OS X. In all this is a stable OS, that people really should be looking forward to.

note to bloggers:
If you are using vista you should get windows live writer. Or at least try it out. It’s really easy and has the same tools that you would use in your dashboard. Oh, and it’s free.

Concert Talk: White Fang, Starfucker and Panther 4/11 at Backspace

18 01 2009

Having only seen Starfucker play at PDX POP ’07 I kind of knew what to expect from them. But they were just one of the openers. The set that white fang (is it one word?) played simply astonished me, and although the rest of crowd was typical “indie kid” , I can only dance by folding my arms and bobbing my head, I was into and so was Jeremy and this one other kid that would try to start a mosh, but nobody went along with it. Moshing with 3 people is not as cool as it sounds.

So we continued to rock by ourselves and give shout outs to the guys. I’m pretty sure they were younger than me, but the music was great. The vocals were a little washed out and the TWO drummers kind of had some problems. Bassist I assume had anti-social disorder because I never even saw his face. Despite the fact they they are a young band that doesn’t have a lot of diversity in their music, I can see these kids going a long way. I hope they play at PDX POP ’08, because if they are not already in the line up, I will put them in it.

Starfucker may not sound like a moshing, party, rock, dance your ass off band. BUT IT IS!! From this band alone I have learned never to expect the show to be anything like the album. They started off with some more down tempo stuff and then worked their way into more dancey stuff that the people there really liked. I found out that the problem was, I was on the wrong side. Backspace is split into two halves, not on purpose, but simply because there is a giant tree fort projection center right in the middle. I was with all the girls that were apparently funazi’s on the left side whereas Jeremy was rocking out on the other side. I immediately switched sides and never went back. In the picture’s following you can see what I mean. It was a great set and they were at their top. At PDX POP only 2 of the 3 guys were there and they did an awesome show. Having the whole team there made it even more awesomer. I really don’t know how to describe the whole set with one word. It kinda blew my mind. I wouldn’t mind going to that show at least 3 more times.

After a solid 45 minutes of hard rockin’, it was time to get to the thing everyone was waiting for. PANTHER. Promoting the release of their vinyl “14ct God”. Which is a great album, by the way. Listening to their music, I had pretty high expectations. And boy did they follow through. Playing stuff like “how well can you swim?” and “you don’t want your hair done” from their first album (when it was just charlie) and stuff like violent diamonds (my personal favorite) from the new album. they had the dvd that came with the cd playing in the back on loop. His voice was perfect and I swear if I wasn’t three feet away from him I would have thought he was just playing the cd. Being a heavily electronic band, I expected many things to come from post recordings, yet he did all voice modulation and drums their and guitar also. It was a great set and I’m kinda bummed that they are going to the UK for pretty much the whole summer.

So yeah. (A rant on St. Patricks Day)

18 01 2009

Not really much to talk about (or aboot). It’s St. Patrick’s day and things are good. Being Irish and all I did what every other Irish person does and say yeah it’s st. paddy’s day, woot! I found this great list on omglists.com that I thought was perfect for today. I’ll give you the condensed report but click the link for more.

Top 6 signs you’re NOT Irish:

6-you drink green beer
5-You pinch people who aren’t wearing green
4-You celebrate at an English pub
3-You drink Guinness for the first time in a year
2-You wear something with an “Irish” quote on it. (along the lines of kiss me I’m Irish)
1-You don’t even know why you are celebrating

And now my own:
Top 6 signs you ARE Irish:

6-You’re drinking just because it’s another day
5-You criticize the step dancing because you’ve been there
4-You’re not wearing any green on purpose
3-You nearly forgot it was a day to celebrate.
2-You actually know who St. Patrick is (check the wiki, it’s correct)
1-You hate the fact that the one day Ireland has, has been Americanized and destroyed.

If you got better lists leave them in the comments. Portland has a pretty big Irish community and is able to boast about having the most Irish Pubs in the west. But places that started off truly Irish(I’m looking at you Kells) have turned into something that caters to what America has said about St. Pat’s day. I find it disgusting that many people just see it as an excuse to get drunk. Yeah it may be a stereotype that Ireland has, but it should not be the think we celebrate. It’s great that there are organizations like the All Ireland Cultural Society that bring the truly Irish people together that want to have a good time and remember what Ireland is really about. Ireland is a great country that gets much less distinction that it deserves. There are many pubs that are trying to recreate what Irish pubs are really like, and most of them are just great places to be at any day. I think that if I went to downtown Portland, nearly half of the people there would say something about getting snakes out of Ireland. Good to note that there have never been snakes or reptiles in Ireland and most people don’t know why they celebrate. Oh and Guinness is not the only Irish beer. But on a side note, the drink known as an Irish Car Bomb is great. Half shot bailey’s, half shot irish whiskey, put the two in on shot class and then drop it in a half full pint of guinness, drink it all at once. It’s delicious. That’s really all I have to say. Keep it real P-town. If anyone reads this, click on the links, maybe I can get a real site sometime.

Social Sites and the future of the web

18 01 2009

So I recently found the website Ping.fm and made it my quest to sign up to every service they provided. So far Xanga is actually my favorite followed closely by twitter/pownce/tumblr/zoomr near the end is plurk which, while I like the time line style and layout of the site, forcing the user to use the “is, says, likes, etc.” button kinda turned me away from it. I really enjoy the simplicity and straightforwardness of sites like twitter and xanga, and the new update to myspace makes it much better although it is still riddled with teenagers that don’t really have anything important to say…EVER. They need to separate myspace music from the rest of the site and slowly get rid of the random apps and “widgets”. Myspace is a great, viable, free way for many bands to make a name for them selves and be heard more. More commercial movies, musicians and corporations need to go away. Unfortunately being run by Mr. Murdoch, I don’t think that will ever change. Facebook started very well and then they decided that they needed to add applications and more “features” that really just clog up the tubes and don’t help anything. The internet is supposed to be a fast way to say or show what you need to and then leave. These bigger companies should learn from the smaller ones and see that keeping the site simple will lead to more users and less kids that just say OMG, bacon is rad. Because while bacon is rad indeed, we all don’t need to hear it again. That’s all I have to say for now.

A random post of nothing

18 01 2009

I came home this weekend and when I got here it made me realize how much I love home. It’s very easy to say that corvallis sucks (because it does). But I think that any city pales in comparison to Portland Oregon. It’s a magical place that is very hard to describe. It makes you happy to be there and bored when you are away. (Also I got my free copy of windows vista today and that made me happy.) It’s very hard to leave this place and I really hate to do that. Back at college all I think about is how awesome it would be to live and work(its a necesary evil) in downtown. I’m in good mood today so everyone gets a cookie.

It may be an old post but the feeling is still the same and Portland is pretty much the best city in the world.